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BIT Technology, Inc. (BIT) is a product development company located in Florida. BIT core business is development of high-tech products. Our development team has over 25 years experience in Engineering, Product design/development, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing.

BIT, use the latest state of the arts software programs for product development, sales, project management and inventory control.

In order for BIT to be competitive in the market place, we are concern with cost containment. We achieve cost efficiency for our clients and BIT by developing products using Computer Aid Design (CAD). This will allow for us to determine form, fit and function of the item being developed before going into product.

Once we have determined the allowable tolerances, material and processes to contain cost, we will then proceed forward with the concept design thru development. During the development stage the product development team will determine the most effective and efficient way of design which will have a direct bearing on manufacturing and assembly processes.

Some of our products consist of medical devices, electronics, plastic parts, Eco products and biometrics. We are a company committed to “developing ideas that raise the quality of life.”