Medicaid and Medicare

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Medicaid & Medicare

More and more Medicaid dollars are being spent on innovative approaches to long-term care. The overall goal remains to help people remain out of the more expensive and often less dignified institutional care setting.

These dollars, via Medicaid waiver agents and their care management departments, are being spent on meaningful medical supplies. Care managers do well to think about the elderly and disabled whose care you assist in managing who could benefit today from this product. It will immediately add to their dignity, independence and spark a new level of effective personal care.

Check to make sure BIT Technology, Inc. is in your vendor pool for direct purchase of service and if not please contact Don or Bruce and let’s get to know one another.

Durable medical equipment companies are aware that Medicare pays for durable medical equipment that complements recovery and rehabilitation. Contact us for a shipment you can make available to your existing patients. Think how many you serve today who could be benefited. We recommend you start with those to whom you have provided wheelchairs, walkers, electric beds and wound supplies during the last 24 months. Think of how you could complement their care with The Shower Buddie.

The Shower Buddie changes lives. Let us help you accomplish that.

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