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By John Watson

Excellent product I had surgery a few months back and I experienced trouble reaching my back this product made showering a breeze. I would recommend this product to my friends and family. Well worth the price. Wonderful Product!


By Stacy

This is something that’s long overdue, when you have a problem reaching different areas of your body, you want a product like this. I love it Great product and great idea

By Naomi 

The name says it all! Awesome product. The

buddiecuts your shower time in half. I simply love it. It is a product that was designed for everyone, and girls you are going to love the buffing block it makes your pedicure last by making your feet soft as a baby’s feet. I challenge you to give it a try. After trying please post your review. NW



The Shower Buddie is absolutely great! It reaches areas you normally couldn’t. It’s almost like having a personal massage. They make great gifts.  Should be called “A Showers Best Friend”   Atlanta, Ga.

By Larry K. 

Purchased the Shower Buddie for my elderly mom who’s not as spry, as she used to be. Little did I know… that the Shower Buddie is not just for older folks, but I could use and enjoy myself. Whether taking a shower or a bath… the Shower Buddie provides both cleaning and stimulation to areas of the body you normally don’t reach. It’s a unique shower and bath companion. Great Product… More Value Than The Price  Weston Salem, NC